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Theme Park - Two Hours (Crossey Mix)



November 2015




Freta 33

This place was such a good found! The food was simply delicious. We tried some of the smaller dishes which included smoked herrings, cod pate and home made hummous served with fresh baked bread. The mains were mouth watering too, the mushroom risotto with chiken and the blue cheese walnut gnocci were sensational. I highly recommend this place if you a good meal in a chilled atmosphere.



Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie

We were a group of twenty which means it was a bit challenging finding a place that could accomodate all of us. Luckily we found Gospoda a traditional polish cuisine restaurant with big tables. The place itself was really cute, it looked a bit like a country side house with flower pots hanging and wooden tables. The food met our standard, it was good and most importantly, it was polish. You must try their dumplings too, they're a national delicacy!



Orange Umbrella walking tour

On the Sunday we decided to partake a WWII tour in Warsaw's city centre. The orane umbrella free tours are all hosted by locals, who all speak english of course! It was a great way to get an insight on the city. Warsaw was almost completely destroyed after the second world war so there were plenty of stories to tell, remember and share. It is also free so it's up to you to donate what you want and what you can afford at the end.


The palace of culture and science

This little, errrmm BIG palace is a must see. It's the tallest building in Poland actually! Built just after the second world war, it used to be name after Stalline. Thankfully nowadays the place has been stripped from his Soviet past and now hosts a multiplex cinema with eight screens, four theaters , two museums , offices, bookshops, a large swimming pool, an auditorium hall. You must also try the vegetarian cafe on the right handside of the building, it is delish!


Underground bars

Sadly, I can't remember any of the underground bar names (let's blame it on the 50p shots) we've been too but don't worry I'm sure you'll stumble across a few.

I'd recommend you try going to one as they are very typically polish! 




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