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Here’s a review of a few dive’s spots on the island. I’ve written this based on traveller’s experience. 


First tip is that you don’t really need to book anything in advance but it’s good to do some background research before arrival to see what you’re after. When your ferry will arrive in Utila, there will be plenty of people holding sign posts with the name of the dive centre on them, they will lure you into a free tuk-tuk direct to the shop. There you’ll be introduced to all the different types of courses, you’ll just need to pick and pay the best one fitted for you. 


This diving spot deemed the ‘party spot’ also offers great quality diving. Also, because of its popularity you’re ensured that two dives leave each day.

If you’re traveling solo I’d recommend staying here as it’s a perfect spot to socialise and meet people. They organise different theme nights each evening, such as karaoke, quizzes, etc… and there’s plenty of deck chairs to chill by the water in the day and a beach volleyball court too. 


The accommodation is free whilst you’re on a course then it’s $6 a night in a four bed dorm. If you're not diving it's $10 a night for a dorm. 


This dive shop was started back in 1991 by the family Cooper, now their daughter is looking after Underwater vision. If you’re looking for a similar experience but a bit more low key, head to Alton’s the dive shop ran by the Cooper’s son. 


Cost PADI open water: $299

Link to Underwater Vision's website here

Link to Alton's divers website here

Utila Dive Centre (UDC)

Located just next to Underwater vision you’ll find UDC one of the most prestigious diving spot on the island, also one of the most expensive.

If you’re a serious diver this might just be the spot for you. If you’re getting you’re PADI or advanced with them, you'll get some swanky accommodation at the Mango Inn’. They’ve got a big swimming pool & air conditioned room. Their internet connection is also better than most places on the island.


Cost PADI open water: +$300

Link to website here


These two dive shops are at the cheaper end of the spectrum - ideal if you’re backpacking on a budget. They are both relatively small so if they’re busy it’s easy to socialise and meet people as well. They are both located by the port as well. 

Cost PADI open water: $289

Link to Parrot's Dive's website here

Link to Captain Morgan's website here

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