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Even if you’re not into ruins Tikal is definitely worth the visit. 
Here’s a few ways to visit the famous Mayan ruins. 



These will be the most expensive tours as you’ll need a guide to access the ruins after hours in the morning or the evening. The sunrise départs Tikal at 3am and then you can decide when you want to come back, there’s plenty of bus options! Try staying past 11am and you’ll have the ruins to yourself to explore. 
The sunset tour départs at 12pm and you get back around 7/8pm. I opted for the sunset tour as I’m not a morning person and also it tends to be a little less cloudy. 


If you’re on a budget opt for the day tour. You won’t get a tour guide but if you read about it before that might just do the trick. Also sometimes it’s nice not to be confined to a guided group meaning you can explore freely around the ruins! 


Overnight tours 


If you want to experience a true jungle like experience stay overnight in Tikal. Bare in mind the only sleeping options onsite are hammocks and tents. It’s meant to be quite cold in the evening so bring extra layers. Also, no need for an alarm there as you’ll certainly be woken up by howler monkeys.

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