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This might just be the most popular route in India. Rajasthan is the historical centre of the country and this journey will take you through all the main spot of the region with a couple of extra spots in Uttar Pradesh to check out bustling Delhi and the Taj Mahal. 


1-2 days


Firstly arrive in New Delhi, it’s a very busy city, the most populated in India so if this is your first stop don’t be scared, things will only get better from there. A couple of main attractions to see there are the Agrasen ki Baoli is a famous historical well.


The Red Fort is another main attractions to do in the busy city. 

1-2 days

Second stop, make your way to Jaipur, also known as the ‘pink city’. It takes this name from the touristic quarter where all the walls are painted in ‘pink’ but, to be fair it looks more orange nowadays. The main attractions there are the Amer Fort where you can enjoy a picturesque view of the whole city. Don't miss the sumptuous Hawa Mahal, literally meaning the palace of winds. It's a a labyrinth of treasures. 

A day or two should be sufficient to go over all of these landmarks. There are a lot of shops there and the vendors will harrass you relentlessly. I would recommend going to Udaipur to shop, there’s less choice but they seemed to do more bespoke items there. I bought a tailored jacket from one of the shops there too. 

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1-2 days

Johdpur best known as the blue city, will get mixed reviews. The city isn’t the cleanest but I thought it had a lot of charm and character. You can’t miss the very touristy yet very impressive Mehrangarh Fort.


From the top of the Fort you can view a beautiful sunset on all the blue houses. Although you won’t find too many of these in town. If you plan to stay longer than a day I would recommend checking out the botanical gardens, you can rom around the tropical trees and the wild monkeys. It’s a very serene place and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a tranquil spot to rest for a few hours. 



Also, don’t forget to stop by the Omelette shop. Indian love a good omelette and this little street vendor might be selling one of the best egg recipe in all of Rajasthan. 

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2-3 days

Udaipur was my favourite city in Rajasthan, it’s a beautiful city set by a sumptuous lake. You can sip drinks and eat delicious food on rooftops. 


I also did the Art of bicycle tour which I really enjoyed. Although It’s a bit pricy (for India) and attracts an older crowd, I really had an amzing time cruising around some little villages and admiring great scenery. Also the tour guide was very friendly and informative. 


The food there is incredible too, my favourite place to eat in all India is there, it’s called Millets of Mewar. It’s veggie and delicious. 


This is a great place to shop for souvenir, more artisan vendors. 



1 day


This is, possibly, the most visited city in India as this is where resides the infamous Taj Mahal. Apart from the monument there isn’t anything else to see there so you could just head there for a few hours. 


Tourist pay a premium price to visit the Taj but this means you can skip the queue to get in everywhere! Also they have a luggage room so if you’re stopping by on your trip don’t worry about having a big rucksack as you can leave it there secured. 


Jaisalmer, ride a camel and sleep under the stars in the Indian desert. 

Pushkar, plan a March trip and be part of the infamous colour festival. 

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