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How Sad - Stockholm Syndrome



August 2014




Moderna Museet

If you like modern art, Museet is the perfect place to spend a rainy day in Stockholm. They've got a great permanent collection but don't forget to check for their temporary events as well.


Urban Deli

This lovely, part deli, part restaurant is a wonderful place to go for brunch or a lazy sunday dinner. We were recommended it by our local guide, an excentric Stockholm resident named Gabi. This was by far his bet tip!


Restaurang RÄKAN 

Sadly I heard about this place to late. A norwegian friend told me about this place and I've been dreaming of going back to Stockholm just to try it out. This seafood restaurant let's you pick your lobster fresh from a pond located in the restaurant... You just help yourself from the little seafood boats with a little help from a remote control. So don't listen to what old people say, here you are aloud to play with your food!


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