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Mendoza, wine capital of Argentina

The wine capital of Argentina isn't the prettiest city in the country but offers plenty of fun activities. There's some nice hot springs an hour out of town. You can also head to the Aconcagua park for some hiking. Bare in mind the bus ride there, takes about 4 hours each way so be prepared for some serious riding! The road there is beautiful though so if you're patient enough I'd definitely recommend it!

At last go check out those wineries, try heading there 'earlyish' as most of them close at 5pm. A good way to explore the boozy grape capital is by renting bikes, we got them from the well-established mister Hugo. Beware though, no matter which company you are going with, you will have issues with your ride so check the bikes before you head off. In our group, we got a flat tyre & somebody swapped their broken bike with one of our functional ones! The rental places will provide you with a map indicating all the local wineries, breweries and distilleries near by! Be sure to only bring a bit of cash with you as a few people have been mugged too... Other than breakages and mugging it's really really fun!

Wine tasting & biking, two activities that should never really put together....

A bit of hiking around Mendoza...

Steamy hot springs...

In a nutshell...

- head to the hot spring for some relaxing time, chitty chat & slide fun!

- Aconcagua park, beautiful hiking spot

- wine testing to experience some serous boozing bike riding

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