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Bari Bari Bariloche!

We weren't going to stop in Bariloche and head straight to the hippy town of El Bolson but when we realised that stop was mandatory we told ourselves: why bloody not?

We booked a night at the green house hostel and extended it for two more upon arrival.

From the bus to the backpackers we were constrained to splash cash for a cab as we didn't have a bus card nor cash to buy one. The first Argentinian we met in the country was this crazy bus driver with ADHD who named himself James Bond. He also managed to speak to us in 5 different languages (none very well) in the space of 10minutes. It was, to say the least, very overwhelming!

Travel tip: if you are heading to Argentina make sure to have cash with you, dollars or pesos as many cash machines won't accept your foreign card.

On our first day we managed to take the bus in the wrong direction and headed to town instead of going to the mountains. The plan for the day was to go check out lake Lao Lao pronounced Ciao Ciao in Argentinian! We made it in the end and enjoyed the view from the top of a 10km hike!

Lake Gutierrez in Bariloche is a pretty cool spot if you want to hang out and have a nice pic-nic or do a bit of kayaking.

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