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At the end of the world...

The southern city in the world is a great little place to stay and chill. If you're coming from the north of Patagonia you might be a bit underwhelm with Ushuaia. Overall we still had a lovely time hiking to lago Esmeralda, which was stunning! Unfortunately we didn't make it to Tierro del Fuego national as it was raining.

TOP TIP: The easiest way to get to lake Esmeralda is to book a car with your hostel, it was super easy and affordable as well. I think it was about £10 for a return trip. There's a little cafe there too where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea and empanadas.

The city, nicknamed 'end of the world', is quite cute, there's lots of little shops and a port side. If you're looking for a place to go out at night, head to the Dublin for a few beers. The irish bar is a locals and tourists favourites for dancing, socialising and drinking.

To be honest our highlight was probably the hostel we stayed in, La Posta. The staff were ver friendly and helpful. They also rent little shared appartements as well as dormitory. Luckily enough we were put into our little flats with kitchen, bathroom and TV. It was a delight to feel at home whilst away!


La Posta hostel

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