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Torres Del Paine

Trekking the Chilean national park was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. If you decide to take a walk in this national treasure, you can pick from a: 5 days hike (the W), a 9 days (the O) or even 10 days (the Q).

We opted for the most popular route, the W which was stunning. If you are as lucky as we were you'll get plenty of sunny days to explore the park and its turquoise lake. We got the boat to paine grande and walked out way to lago grey then Valley de Frances and finished by a misty sunrise in las torres.

TOP TRAVEL TIPS: Best way to prepare for your trip is to go to the hostel, erratic rock at 3pm to catch up their TDP (torres del paine) daily brief. They will provide you with lots of tips and valuable information on what to bring with you on your hike.

Rent out a baton, I've never personally hiked with them before but they turned out to be super 'handy' in the end.

Get some easy food to cook. You'll be using a camping stove so you don't want to be spending hours preparing food after a long day of hike. We got porridge for breakfast, wraps for lunch and polenta for dinner (cooks in 1min). Peppers were a good vege to pack as they are super light and tasty!

Take plenty of warm clothes as the temperatures drastically drop during the night time. I was sleeping with two pair of leggings and a benny hat every night!

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