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In El Chalten, we trek.

This Patagonian town is well known for his glacier and amazing trekking. It's Argentina's answer to Torres Del Paine (I will be writing about this one shortly). We arrived in El Chalten after spending 22hours on a bus, it probably sounds worth than it actually was. Time flies when you're sleeping on a posh cama seat, they incline to 180 degrees, dreamy!

We trekked the two popular routes there: Fitzroy and Cerro de Torre.

This backpacker is trading cookies in exchange for a ride to El Calafate, it's quite a common hitchhikers route!

There's nothing like a cheesy picture by a sign!

Fitzroy was a pretty cruise trek till you get to that steapy last kilometre but it was well worth it. The view from the top was spectacular, we were overlooking the monumental glacier and its turquoise lake. Only pictures can even start describing this beautiful scenery.

What a natural poser, she also made sure to wear a jacket that would match the lake as well!

The next day we went on the Cerro de Torre route, which was way more relaxed. It was lovely as the weather was a bit chillier too. The only issue I had was those bloody hiking boot, I made the mistake to buy them online and realised there are a size too small. To ease the pain, I finished the trek wearing sandals.

Unfortunately with didn't go all the way to the mirador of mastri as we didn't realise the trek kept going... Fools! We bumped into this old hippy/zz top looking american 'dude' from our 22hour bus journey on the trek who mentioned it but unfortunately we didn't take him seriously. It must have been his bandana, it's hard to give credit to anyone wearing one of those... So our judgmental selves became out regretful selves as we didn't make it to the end of the path! Oh well at least we've learnt a lesson, don't judge a man by his bandana!

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