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Estamos en South (freakin') AMERICA!

So after five weeks traveling around Sri Lanka, Melbourne and Fiji we finally made it to our main destination, actually the purpose of this big trip, South America.

First thing we noticed was that our spanish was pretty rusty to say the least.

We landed in Santiago on the 5th of February and have made our way through Valparaiso, Puerto Varas and Los Andes.

Here's a few pictures of our Santiago visit. We stayed there 5 days and actually really enjoyed the Chilean capital city. I'd recommend doing the free walking tour, its a great way to get to discover the city. We particularly loved Lastarria, which is a little hipster neighbourhoud with great shops, cafes and wine bars. Providencia was a really nice area to check out as well.

TRAVEL TIPS: A friend recommended me to stay in Casa Roja, it's a great hostel. It's actually a reconverted colonial house, it also has a swimming pool and a ping pong table, what else?

Checking out the view from the top of Cerro Lucia.

Cerro de San Lucia

Shop at the museo de la moneda, it's a great piece of architecture, worth having a sneak peak inside!

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