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Fiji time...

Oh Fiji you really really grew on me!

We arrived in Fiji after spending 5 days at an Australian festival and we were, to say the least, absolutely exhausted.

Thankfully we got a warm welcome from the Fijians who shouted 'BULA' (hello) at us as we walked past the arrival gates.

We stayed 9 days and island hopped for 7, the whole experience was amazing but very dear as well. At least for us as we are planning on traveling for 8 months. If you wish to island hop in Fiji you are constrained to use one big company which has the monopole. Nevertheless it was worth it, as I've never baided in such transparent waters. The people made it for me as well, the fact that the y are all bilingual in english makes it really easy to interact. They have a great sense of humor and amazing dance moves. I will add some tips for Fiji in the destination section if you're interested in visiting the paradise islands.

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