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Melbourne, el brunch paradisio

Oh dear Melbourne I have missed you! I left you in 2011 to go work and explore NZ. Today, you've barely changed... actually quite a bit. The house I once lived in as been demolished and replaced with appartments. The bookshop I once worked at has now been replaced by a bloody Topshop (no offence I do like the retail brand just not as much as I enjoy a good old bookshop).

One thing you are still doing well though is brunch and coffee, supposably the most important meal of the day in Melbourne city. So for a week we stuffed our faces with all your eggs and whipped milk deliciousness... It's without saying we've put on a bit of 'brunchy weight' by the end of it... but in all fairness it was well worth it!

Industry Beans, located in Brunswick offers a delicious selection of brunch recipes served gastro style. Be prepared to feel fancy pantsy in this cafe that also roast their very own coffee beans.

Barry is more than a cafe it's an institution! At least for all the locals in Northcote. The industrial design inside looks great and the food taste like it was made in heaven by chef angels... Ok I might have been carried away for a sec here but you've got to admit that if a place can still offer great food regardless of being named 'Barry', it's worth checking out?

We stumbled accross Three Bags Full cafe after spending over an hour in the charity shop next door. You must go there too if you're looking for inexpensive frocks, we purchased a cheap mondays denim jacket for the price of a flat white! The portions were very generous and the food tasted marvellous. We opted for a cured beetroot salmon which made my mouth melt and a corn bread special, delish if you're into that kind of bread trend. Located in up and coming Richmond, this cafe is worth the calories intake...

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