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Making our way to Lion rock, roooooar....

If you haven't heard about Sigiriya it's proably because you've never googled Sri Lanka before. This rock is by far the biggest and most well-known monument in the country. We climbed 1200 steps to check out a... hmmm... pretty foggy view with drips of rain. In insight, it looked magical as if you were floating above a cloud.

TIP: Be prepared to get your cash out, as the price to climb that celebrity rock is 4500 ruppees. You won't get a bargain but it is a must see if you're in Sri Lanka.

Further down the road, in Dambulla, you can check out this quirky Buddhist temple. It's definitely worth the detour. You can also pick up some fresh cut mangos on the way from one of the local vendords.

Feeling spiritual...

My lucky buddah :D

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