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Desert beaches and hand stands

Since we've started our trip in Sri Lanka, every destination we've been, apart from the South Coast, has been 'off season'. This means we have been able to enjoy deserted beaches, empty restaurants & unoccupied guest houses. Consequentely the service and attention we got was great! The more we travel, the more lovely people we meet. Sri Lankans are definitely a country filled with big hearted characters. Despite an on-growing tourism, locals have remained very welcoming!

Here are a few pics of our adventure on an empty beach in Passekudah, we tried head standing, played around with dogs and enjoyed a stunning sunset, what else?

TRAVEL TIP: If you're planning on travelling to Sri Lanka around Christmas time and you wish to enjoy some sunny beach time, stick to the South Coast! I would net recoommend stopping by the main capital city of Arugam bay past season as the city literaly looked like a ghost town.

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