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Deemed the safest city to visit in El Salvador, Santa Ana is definitely worth a visit. It’s a beautiful church and it’s wonderful street market will give you a little taste to the el Salvadorian culture. It’s also a great starting point for nature trails and adventures, including the beautiful Santa Ana volcano. 



Casa verde
It goes without a doubt that this hostel was created by a traveler. This hostel is probably the best one I’ve stayed in ever. The dorms are luxury compared to most, with individual fans, clothes & bag rack and hot, high pressured showers. The kitchen comes with all the necessary equipment to cook a top quality meal, plenty of pans, bowls and sharp knives. You’ll also have your own allocated cupboard fridge space meaning there’s not lots of rotten food left over in either. If you want to chill there’s a beautiful pool outside which gets sun all day long, a movie room and an electric foot massager. 


Hike the Santa ana volcano

From the top you’ll enjoy a view of the emerald green crater. It’s a must do but beware trips can be cancelled depending on the forecast. The region is prone to a lot of strong winds so if it’s too windy, it’s too risky to hike up. 

The starting point for the hike is the Tibet hostel, you can get there three ways: 


1. Rental car
renting cars are affordable and El Salvador and will allow you to see a lot more in a short amount of time, so depending on how many you are in your budget this might be a good option



All hostels in Santa Ana will organise tours to the volcano and therefor arrange all travel necessities


3.Local buses
This is the long way but if you’re on a budget the most economic way for sure. You need to make your way to La Vencedora bus terminal in Santa Ana and catch a bus at 7:30am. The journey will take you about an hour and a half and cost you 0.90. 


All tours will depart at 11am from the Tibet hostel. You can’t go on this hike on your own, a guide and an armed guard are mandatory. I’ve never felt unsafe in El Salvador but you need to comply to this measures they are here to protect you and make sure everything goes without any incidents. 


You must pay each guide at least $1, plus a tip if you wish and a $6 entrance fee to the park. 


The hike isn’t too challenging and you’ll need about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete the walk. 

Cost: $6 minimum for the hike not including transport

Where: Tibet hostel starting/returning point



Jump into some hot springs

Head to the Salto De Malacatiupan and enjoy a hot swim in this luscious waterfalls. There’s plenty of points to jump off as well and a little pool that resemble a little natural jacuzzi. 


Cost: Free

Where: Ahuachapan

How to get there: We went on an organised tour with our hostel Casa verde but public transportation is available too from Santa Ana

Visit some ruins

Tazumal are the most famous ruins from El Salvador so if you’re planning on ruining this one is the one. The best thing about it is that’s its not very busy so you can wander the grounds and really take the time to appreciate the architecture and the nature surrounding these archeological pieces. 


Cost: $3 for tourists

Where: Chalchuapa

How to get there: We went on an organised tour with our hostel Casa verde but public transportation is available too from Santa Ana

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