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This small island town has more to offer than just accommodating  your trip to Tikal. Wonder down the colourful streets and go for a dip on the lake’s beaches.



We stayed in this lovely hotel called Casa Azabache. The room was beautifully decorated with local handcrafts and the location was ideal. 


First things first, do the free walking tour. It was probably one of the best ones I've done as the guide will take you around town and show you his favourite spots. We went to local crafts shops, cafes and bars. It was great discovery the city through the eyes of a local.

Take cooking classes
You can take classes at the Titz institute and learn how to master tacos, quesadillas and plenty more Mexican classics.
There’s a community centre called Steps which offers free cooking classes in the evenings. You’ll be cooking some delicious Mexican plates by a firepit. 

Make some chocolate
You'll be spoilt for chocolate workshop in the city. You can make it, eat it and learn about it at the Kakaw museum.

Buy some local crafts
San Cristobal is the epicentre of Mexican handmade crafts. This is where most of the goods are made before being exported throughout the country. Head to the craft market by the church for the best bargain. 

Go to the mirador
Go up the steps to the Guadalupe Church & enjoy great views of the city. It’s not a major hike so no need to get those hiking boots out too! 

Take a day tour to El Canon del Sumidero. 
Embark on a boat journey through a monumental canyon and spots some birds and crocodiles along the way. The only downside is that we got to see how unkept and dirty the place was as well. Some crocodiles were surrounded by rubbish. 

Price: 500-550 MEX pesos


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