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Nick Mulvey - Curucucu



September 2014





Sadly I didn't update this section after coming back from Lisboa so my memory is a bit rusty... I'm going to try remembering what's good to do though: 


The Museum of design and fashion, if you've burnt your head in the sun or you're english or let's face it both, museo MUDE is your go to place to stay out of the sunshime! This warehouse looking building is a brilliant place to spend an afternoon. When we were there they held an exhibtion on the new design of the year along with another one graffiti artist by Andre Saraiva, aka Mr Andre.



Stay at the Lisbon destination hostel. To be honest, we only went to one and I've heard pretty much any hostel you would go to in Lisbon will be good. It was clean, well designed and spacious. We opted for the one in the train station which has an indoor garden space with plenty of light, it's absolutely charming!



Walk around town and get lost. The good thing about old sunny cities is that you can walk all day long without getting bored nor cold. It was amazing to wonder around all the becos (=alleys in portuguese which also mean kisses in french) of Lisbon and getting lost between all the colourful houses. 







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