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December 2018 - January 2019


Mexico is a big country so I would recommend at least two weeks to explore bits of it. We were there for 3 weeks and that still didn't feel enough. We decided to make our trip a beach, cultural one. We mixed beaches, with crafty towns and ruins. In order to do this itinerary you'll have to get on a couple of night buses. Best way to plan these long journeys is to download the ADO app', the national bus service.


3 and half weeks 


  • Visit Frida Kahlo's house

  • Go eat at the local market in Coyocan

  • Stay & explore Mexico city's hip neighbourhood, Roma

  • Go to see an infamous Lucha Libre wrestling match




  • Learn how to surf

  • Paddleboard in the ocean

  • Release baby turtles in the water

  • Get naked on Zippolites nudist beach

  • Have a massage at El Alquimista

  • Have a boogie at the Mezcal bar



  • Get lost in the Botanical Gardens

  • Rent a car and go to the Hierve el Agua

  • Visit a Mezcal Factory

  • Have lunch at the organic city markets



  • Buy arts and crafts at the local markets

  • Take a boat tour to the Sumidero Canyon

  • Wander the cobble streets

  • Visit local villages nearby



  • Visit Mayan ruins in the jungle

  • Stay near the ruins and fall asleep to the sound of howling monkeys

  • Go to the animal reserve 

  • Chill by the pool



  • Paddleboard down the lagunas 

  • Kayak

  • Rent a bike and discover all the cenote

  • Go tubing

  • Eat a vegan burger at Mango y Chile



  • Chill on the beach

  • Go snorkelling and spot some turtles

  • Go scuba diving

  • Eat some delicious seafood

Fun things to do in the bustling city of Mexico

March 08, 2019

Start your trip in the capital city. From there you can easily get a bus or plane to any destination you may wish to explore! 

Surf and hippy vibes for eveyone in Mazunte

March 08, 2019

An hour away from Puerto Escondido, lies a little hippy town, Mazunte. It’s ideal location between jungle and ocean will take your breath away! 

Explore Oaxaca and its beautiful surroundings

March 08, 2019

Get lost and get fed in this colourful town. This is a must visit town if you're in Mexico. 

Don't miss a trip outside a town in the beautiful natural pools, Hierva el Agua

Get your craft shoppin on in San Cristobal

March 08, 2019

This town is the epicentre of creativity and artisan market. 

Get lost in the jungle, explore Palenque's Mayan ruins

March 08, 2019

If you ever wanted to feel like Indiana Jones this place is for you. Explore ancient ruins and sleep to the sound of howling monkeys!

Relax in the clear blue waters in Bacalar

March 08, 2019

Also known as the laguna of 7 colours for its stunning waters. Don't miss visiting this little haven. 

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