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The Drums - Fun in my Life



Year 2013



This stop motion video is a compilation of my first London moments. I arrived in the english capital city in 2013 and had an amazing year. First of all because it was the best summer in god knows how long but also because I reunited with amazing people and met some new wonderful people too! 



I've been living here for 3 years and I just love finding new stuff to do... It's hard to keep up but here's a few tips: 


Download the app' DOJO, it's all over London and Paris and has lots and lots great city tips! Whether you're looking for a cool exhibition, a pop up or an idea for a date night, DOJO is at your service with lots of amazing recommendations. Best thing about it is you can search by area! 



In this video we went down Church Street in Stoke Newington which is a lovely area of London. It's great because it's full of charity shops, designer boutiques and cool as chips coffee shops. Most weekends, the local town hall holds a lovely flea market. Beware bargain ahead! 



Hackney wick is a pretty cool place a town. Supposably it really came alive after the 2012 Olympics. The neighbourhood is filled with street art and warehouse parties. If you are in the vecinity you must go try some pizzas at Crate. The New Zealand owned brewery makes their own doughs and beers from scratch, well down kiwis!



If you're looking for food, check out one of my many other blog: MUNCH. I've started it with a New Zealand friend who's also a dietician, she writes about all the healthy stuff and I take all the fancy pictures. You'll find lots of good adresses to fill your belly with:



If you're in London, you must go to a market. The city is filled with plenty of good food stalls accross the city. My top three markets are (not in order btw):

Broadway Market, it really comes alive in summer when everyone is eating organic sorbet and sunbathing in London fields. It is without a doubt hipster central but man does sorbet are well worth it! 

Colombia Road Market, this is the busiest , cheapest flower market in town. Come later in the day (around 3/4) to grab some bargains on roses. There's nothing like cheap flowers to say I HEART you (but I'm poor too)

Maltby street market, okay, this will require you to go south of the river but don't worry it's well worth it. This market is absolutely fantastic, the quality of the food there is astonishing. You can also try organic cider, gay farmer's product and locally distilled gin. Do not forget to check out the antique boutique, it's full of wonders. 


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