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If you want to go check out the sumptuous lake Titicaca I would highly recommend to do it from the Bolivian side. It’s quieter, less touristy and cheaper especially if you decide to stay in the north. 

How to get there? 

You can catch a boat from Copacabana, it will take you up to 2h30min to reach the island. I would again recommend staying in the north, it’s very tranquil and there’s lots of nice little fish shack that sell quinoa soups and freshly caught trout. 


What to do? 

The main activities here consist of walking around the island and admiring the scenery. The landscape is stunning and the sea is clear blue. This will tempt you to jump in… Unfortunately the high altitude freshens the air and I found it too cold to my liking. You can also visit some beautiful Inca ruin. 


Best advice here is to arrive in the North island, stay a night or two. On your last day hike your way back to the south to catch a boat back to Copacabana. Bare in mind, last boats leave mid-late afternoon so check timetables before you leave. 

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