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How to spend your time wisely in an airport

Little Corn Island

Call for duty free

I know, I’m well aware this is a shit joke as it doesn’t make much sense either... But you’ve got to admit I’m right, when you arrive too early or your flight gets delayed, Duty free is your go to place. Take your time, don’t rush through the shop, stop by all the alcohol testing and try out the most expensive moisturizers! You will be pampered, slightly tipsy and pampered for your upcoming flight! 


Pub crawl

Depending on how much time you’ve got to wait this might be a bit risky so if you’re planning on airport pub crawling, stick to half pints or even just decaf coffee!


Bathroom pampering

Yep, you can too play it like Tom Hanks in the Terminal and make yourself at home in the airport toilets. Take your wash bag and treat yourself with a makeover. 



Shake that booty... Well maybe you don’t need to do some obvious type of exercising but you could simply challenge yourself to walk all the way up to the 85th terminal and back. It won't be the most riveting walk but it will certainly help loose a bit of that holiday weight! 



Take a good read with you and I' not telling you to bring something about the theory of evolution nor a political publication! Pack a light, well written thrille... the type of book you get obsessed with and simply can not put down. In my list of favourites travel reads, I've got Gone Girl and The Girl on the train to only name a couple! You'll be hooked so bad you'll be wishing for a delayed flight!



Entertain yourself with some solo games. Don't worry, if your battery just died, this game is fully analogue style! In french, we call it 'Little bac', just pick a category and try finding a word that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Categories can be: capitals, jobs, actors, films, veggies... etc. It's not the most exciting game but it will certainly kill a bit of your spare time in the airport. 


Catch up

This is a prime time for you to catch up with all your admin! No need for an internet connection, write down all your emails on your phone's notes and send them later. Catch up with your electricity company, 


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