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February 2019


Flores & Tikal

  • Exploring the maya ruins of Tikal

  • Relaxing by the lake

  • Wandering the streets of Flores




  • Hot springs waterfalls

  • Taking a lancha across the river

  • Waterfalls hike

  • Beach time



  • Chocolate making

  • Tubing

  • Chilling and bathing in Semuc Champey



  • Eating out in Antigua

  • Antigua's nightlife

  • Getting lost in Antigua

  • Shopping

  • Hiking up the volcano

  • Camping overnight by an active volcano 



  • Exploring chichi's market and hunting for bargains

  • Chilling by the lake

  • Doing yoga in San Marcos

  • Eating vegan food in San Marcos

  • Going for a boogie in San Pedro

  • Learning how to weave in San juan

  • Swimming the lake



  • Surf the waves of El Paredon

  • Kayak

  • Chill on the beach

  • Have a mojito 

Explore Mayan treasures in Tikal

March 08, 2019

Even if you’re not into ruins Tikal is definitely worth the visit. 

Here’s a few ways to visit the famous Mayan ruins. 

A few days in beautiful Flores

March 08, 2019

This small island town has more to offer than just accommodating  your trip to Tikal. Wonder down the colourful streets and go for a dip on the lake’s beaches.

Where the river's sweet and the living is easy... in Rio dulce and Livingston

March 08, 2019

These places aren’t on everyone’s agenda but if you’ve got some time to spare definitely worth the detour. 

Take a swim in the beautiful natural pools of Semuc Champey

March 08, 2019

Beware the roads that lead to this national treasures are very bumpy and windy. But the journey is worth it! 

A few days in the beautiful colonial town of Antigua

March 08, 2019

This colonial town is home to the best eateries in whole of Guatemala. 

Hike up an active volcano in Acatanango

March 08, 2019

If you're up for a challenge do this epic hike, it's one in a lifetime chance to sleep by an active volcano!

Sea, surf and chilled vibes in El Paredon

January 01, 2020

This surfer's paradise town was one of my favourite places in Guatemala. 

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