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The oldest Nicaraguan town is a traveler’s favourites. There’s much to be explored in the picturesque town and around. You can take day trips to the serene Lago Apoyo or even go raving in a treehouse hostel at the weekend!




Nice hostel, well located which offers a good free breakfast. The kitchen is well equipped too and there’s a local food market on the doorstep. There’s a small pool on site and every evening they’ve got a FREE happy hour. Yes, you’ve heard correctly they give out free drinks to backpackers. If that’s not great marketing, what is?

They also have as sister hostel in Lago Apoyo called Paradiso which they organise trip to on a daily basis. 


Where: Click here for directions

Townhouse hostel

This is the hostel affiliated with Treehouse. It’s smaller than Oasis and therefore has a more convivial atmosphere. The dorm rooms are much smaller which in this case not an advantage. This is a good spot if you’re a solo traveler and want to go to the Treehouse party as the shuttles will arrive and leave from here. 


Where: Click here for directions


Spend a day at the Lago Apoyo

I would recommend staying overnight here too, it’s very beautiful and relaxing. We stayed at the Paradiso Hostel which is affiliated with Oasis hostel in town. This hostel is more like a hotel, they’ve got sushi on their menu and lots of free activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. On Monday nights they host a little DJ event with a fire show and a barbecue.


Departs: Daily departures from Oasis and Townhouse hostel

Where: Click here for directions



Go Raving and zip lining in the jungle

There’s a little hostel perched on top of a hill where ever Friday backpackers gather to drink and dance the night away. It’s proper little fiesta with DJs, lights and UV paint. We had a fabulous time here although the hangover was painful. You can stay on site but Fridays tend to book quickly so make sure to reserve in advance. If you can’t find space not to worry, you can still go to the party as shuttles run in and out of Granada until 4am. 

If you’re not into raving not to worry you can still enjoy the Treehouse any other day of the week apart from Sunday and Monday when it’s closed. They have an open mic on Thursday as well, an on site masseuse and a $3 zip line. At that price don’t expect to be blown away but just a little dazzled on a string in the jungle. I’m scared of heights and thought this was a piece of cake!



Cost: $15 or if you are a guest at the hostel or 

Departs: Pick up/drop off from the Townhouse hostel





Pita pita
This place makes the best middle eastern, Israeli food in Nicaragua (according to me). They also have a pizza oven. All the ingredients are super fresh and cooked to order. If you’re on a budget take advantage of their $5 lunch deal which includes a pita and a drink.


Where: Click here for directions

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