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June 2017 & June 2019


Some might say Glastonbury is not a destination but I think it's a place like no other. It deserves its own page and tips :) 

A few tips and tricks to get by at Glasto

I'm far from being an expert, I've been to the Glasto' expert but one year at the festival can tell you a lot... This is a list of tips I've learnt whilst I was on the Somerset Farm. 

Getting a ticket...

Well this might just be the trickiest part. The best way for you to get your hands on the golden Glasto ticket will be the group up with friends. One person is allowed to buy up to 6 tickets at a time. One of our very organised friends created an Excel spreadsheet with everybody's details. It came in super handy because one of the groups got onto the resellers page twice and were able to use the details of another group & purchase their tickets. To maximise your chances, try getting the coach packaged tickets, they go on sale earlier. Only downside is that you will have to pick up your ticket in the bus so coach ride there will be mandatory. 

Getting there...

As I said previously you can get there with one of the official coaches, easy, reliable, a no brainer really... If you have a car that's an added bonus, bare in mind though that the car park for festival goers is a bit of a walk. You'll be dropped much closer if you use one of the official coaches. Another option is the train and bus. They leave from Paddington and Victoria, it will take you between 1h30-2h30min depending on which train you take. Evidently, the slower, the cheaper so it's up to you if you want to save some pennies or some time. Time is money my friend. Your train will arrive at Castle Cary station, from there you can hop on a free coach direct to the festival. This will take you approximately 15-20min. 

Getting your shit together...

What to bring when you are going to a UK festival? Pack for all seasons. At night, it can get really cold, don't trust the ones who told you it was little 'chilly', my advice is: better be warm than sorry. If you haven't packed enough warm clothing you can buy yourself a fur at one of the Oxfam stalls, prices start at £15! 

Overall these are the essentials you should pack with you: 

  • a waterproof tent: easy tip, get a tarp and stick it under your tent. If it rains this will help keep the water out of your dry bum 

  • a light torch, I like to keep one of those battery operated ones in my tent 

  • a sleeping bag 

  • a battery pack: don't believe what they say about battery station, the second day we got there they ran out of packs 

  • a pack of wet wipes + a portable shower:  I barely saw showers whilst I was there, I think the ratio might be one per 1000 people. I always found showering can reset your mood when you are feeling down & dirty after a night out... especially when somebody dropped an entire beer on you. Yes, this happened to me on day 2 

  • a pocket size tube of sunscreen so you can carry it all day with you 

  • a waterproof jacket: never assume it's not going to rain, it always does and always will 

  • a pair of wellies: not because they look cool because they are necessary, knee high preferably 

  • a pair of sunglasses, preferably the weird shiny looking ones with polarised lenses of course 

  • a supply of drinks and snacks: the food on site is great but it's always good to pack a few cereal bars now and there to get you through the morning whilst you're waiting for your hungover friend to make a move. Glastonbury is a BYO event so if you want to save yourself some cash and queues at the bar, bring some drinks with you. Note that glass isn't allowed so wine is best served in a bag! 

  • a collection of fancy dress items, think animal print, sequin, glitter, fake furs, rainbow patterns, feathers, faux leather, neon... it's that time of year where you can like an absolute fool (twat), don't let that opportunity slip away! 

Getting around...

Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, in the world even... getting around stages and campsites can sometimes be time consuming. Rain and mud will make your walks more painful and time consuming. In some heavy rainy cases it could take you up to an hour to get from Pyramid stage to your tent. It all depends on where you decide to pitch your tent! We stayed near Westgate and SouthPark as they are the more 'tranquil' bits. We were a big group and had lots of space to camp The weather was great so it only took us half an hour to get to the main stages. You can decide the stay in more hectic spots but it will be noisier and you'll be limited in space... By that, I mean you'll probably unwillingly end up spooning the person in the tent next you! 

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