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Awesome adventures

First thing you need to do when you arrive at Nadi airport is that you must get out of there. That is the first advice a friend told me before I went and I completely agree. Nadi has nothing to offer in comparaison to the beautiful islands near it.


If you are planning on going to Fiji on a budget then you might have just chosen the wrong destination. It's beautiful but it ain't cheap! If you want to go island hopping you are constrained to get a packaged deal. You can't really get out of it and if you try it might end up costing you even more money. Basically, one big company owns the boat transfers, accomodations & activities on the islands.


We, personnaly opted for a 7 days/6 nights Bula pass. The good thing is that all meals are included as well so you don't need to worry about cooking or spending extra cash on meals. Our pass is ideal for those who wish to roam around the islands without being constrained by a set itinirary. We opted for a 1 coconut deal, it's just like star ratings with hotels but with coconut instad. The pack averaged at about £400 for a week's worth of island's accomodation, food and transport. Bare in mind this doesn't include all extra activities such as snorkeling, diving, extra trips... 


If you are planning on doing lots of activities I highly recommend you getting one of the multi-island packages and paying extra for the full monty. This will include at least one or acitivites per lodge. 


Click on the link below for more details on all the offered deals


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