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Welcome to El Salvador’s most tourist hot spot and surfer’s paradise.
Here’s a short lists of things to eat, see and do whether you’re surfing the waves or not!


Also beware that this is not a sunbathing spot as the tide goes all the way up the beach during the day. It’s advise then to stay at a place which has a pool, this way you can cool down during the day too. It’s freakishly hot here!



Papaya Lodge

I stayed here as the location was good and they have a pool. Ideal if you’re on a budget but not the cleanest place to be honest. Also, they sometimes say they’re full on Hostel world but you can message them directly on Facebook and check with them about availabilities.  


Surfin’ E L -T U N C O

The entire town is centralised around one thing, surfing so you can easily find places to rent boards and take lessons if needed. 



Hike up to the waterfalls

There’s a small village named Tamanique which has two stunning waterfalls. I would recommend getting a guide to them as the walk is never very well sign post at all. I just spoke to a few people in El Tunco and found a guide who would take me there. I paid $15 for the private tour and the hitchhike there… it was a true local experience and my guide only spoke spanish so I felt as I was getting a spanish lesson included in my trip! 


Cost: from $15 for a private tour

Where: Tamanique 

How to get there: Get the local bus down, there’s one that leave each hour. If you wait at the bus stop many locals will stop by with pick-up trucks and offer you a ride too 



Watch the sunset

El Tunco has one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. When the tide goes back, the surfers take over the waves and the sky changes into kaleidoscopes of colours until the sun goes down. 



The Natural pools & caves

I discovered this local gem with my tour guide from the waterfalls, Jose. He brought me there for sunset and it didn’t disappoint. We relaxed in some hot waters looking at the caves, palm trees and the blue skies around us. 


Cost: Free or $5 with a tour, you really don’t need a guide for this but since I was traveling on my own I enjoyed going with someone else too as everyone else was busy surfing





Al Carbon
When by the sea you must eat fresh fish and there’s no better place to eat these than on a plancha at el carbon. Each dishes come with all the trimmings too, you’ll leave here stuffed!

Where: kilometro 42, Tamanique, El Salvador


Esquina los amigos
Pupusa is the national street food dish of El Salvador so it goes without saying that you must try this before you leave the country. Esquina los amigos is by far my favourite Pupusas place ever! All of them are priced from $1 each & come with cheese base and your choice of topping. I highly recommend trying the pupusas with Loroco, an edible national flower. 

Cost: from $1
Where: The address comes up as ‘Unamed road’ but you can’t miss it it’s at the corner of the street on the right hand side from Al carbon


Tunco Veloz
If you’re missing some western cuisine and having a craving for some delicious Italian food this is the restaurant for you. The pizzas are exquisite and the toppings are incredibly diverse and high quality. You can also opt for some fresh pasta or raviolis with some homemade sauce. Treat yourself to a glass, or even, why not a bottle of Rose as it’s a rare find in El Salvador. 

Cost: from $3
Where: Calle Principal Playa El Tunco, Hotel Mopelia 

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