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If you’re planning to travel from El Salvador to Honduras you can do it the hard way (chicken buses) of the easy way (private shuttles).

Being a female and traveling on my own I opted for the safest option, the private shuttle this cost $110 and will take you from El Tunco to Utila. It takes two days and will stop in Copan on the way. The accommodation in Copan and the ferry to Utila is included in the price as well. Alternatively you can just take a shuttle to Copan and make your way to Utila once in Honduras.



The first bus leaves El Tunco at 12pm and arrives, approximately, in Copan by 6pm.

The second bus leaves Copan at 4am, you’ll arrive in La Ceiba around 1pm. You’ll have to patiently wait until 4:40pm for the next ferry to depart. Luckily there’s free wifi at the ferry’s waiting rooms - unfortunately all the restaurants around don’t have very nice food offering so make sure to take some snacks with you beforehand. 


The ferry across takes 45 minutes.


Ferry Timetables: 


Utila - La Ceiba:
7:00 am
3:20 pm


La Ceiba - Utila:
9:00 am
4:40 pm



one way, 630.00 HNL

return, 1250.00 HNL

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