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Sea, surf and tan in El Paredon. This surfer's paradise town was one of my favourite places in Guatemala. 



Best for chillin'... Soul Food Kitchen

This restaurant hotel run by a South African is a nice little gem. It's quiet, walking distance from the beach (everything is here) and has a little pool too. The room was simple but elegantly decorated. If you're feeling peckish you can eat there too and enjoy some delicious thai inspired food. 


Best for surfin'... Cocori

This place is literally on the beach! Even though we didn't stay there we spent all our days by the bar drinking fresh coconut water and eating some delicious prawn skewers. I would highly recommend this spot if you're seeking the surfer vibe and want something a little lively, but nothing crazy either, the bar closes at 11pm. 


Best for backpackin'... Driftwood

If you are looking for the ultimate backpacker's experience, stay at the Driftwood. They've got a pool, pool tables, drinking games and volleyball nets. They are located right on the beach too so you won't have to drag your hangover self very far to reach the ocean!

Best for all inclusive... Paredon Surf House

If you stay here you'll have to pay for a full package, meaning your accomodation's price comes with breakfast and dinner. It's more expensive than their competitors but if you like the all inclusive no thrills holidays this place might be for you. They are also the only accomodation to offer free wifi to guests. Only downside, the owner is quite rude!

Best for FLASHpackin'... Swell

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious surf experience this will be your hotel of choice. Hot showers, beautiful pool premium services are all on the menu...


  • Surf of learn how to

  • Bodyboard

  • Sunbathed and relax with a good book on the beach

  • Go on a kayaking tour

  • Paddleboard 

  • Play volleyball



Cafe Caguma

Make sure to go to this lovely cafe on the beach, you can chill on the hammocks whilst drinking a delicious green juice and eating a sumptuous breaky burrito! Also, they've got wifi!!! The dinner menu is pretty good too, they're fish tacos are divine! They also host movie nights on Sundays with complimentary popcorn, yes please!

BEWARE: They are closed from Monday to Wednesday. 


Soul Food Kitchen... if you want to eat some mouth watering asian inspired cuisine. 

Cocori... for a nice lunch on the beach, veggie or prawn skewers on the menu. Don't forget to get a fresh coconut water too :) 




The town really comes alive at the weekend so don't expect much to be happing during the week. 


Going out in El Paredon can be a lot of fun, especially if the ice cream shop, Pakalolo Heladeria decides to host a party. We went there and the music was great, the ice cream was flowing and so was the gin. After they closed, we all ended up on the beach for a bonfire, classic playa fun, right?


Driftwood backpacker will always have some kind of night on, if not, they'll always be some drunk travellers you can have a chat with or beat at a game of beer pong

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