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India can be intense at times but the best place to wind down is the WEST coast! 

2 days


A lot of people love this surfy town. I did like it but thought it was hyper westernised. There's a bougie place called Soul and Surf which caters f

There’s lots of vegan places to eat, yogis and surfers. All in all not bad but not very local I thought. 


Stay at... Shiva gardens  this is a cheap accommodation which offers privates and outdoor dorms. In this heat you'll love sleeping outside trust me. They have a kitchen onsite and organise nights such as local gigs and films. You can also take some yoga lessons in the morning here too. 

1-2 days

I really loved this little coastal town. I stayed at the Artpackers hostel which was great to meet people. I would recommend going on a backwaters tour. You’ve got three options: get on the local bus which is super cheap, go on a kayak tour and finally rent a private boat and stay overnight on it. I’ve done all three and loved each experience so depending on who you meet and your budget just pick one, two or three. 

There’s also a great cafe on the beach which is delish' and offers scenic views too. 

Stay at... Joey's hostel. They have great spacious clean rooms, ensuite with complimentary breakfast, an amazing rooftop and great free walking tours! 


2 days

This will bring you into the famous Indian tea plantations. I can’t say much about the place as I slipped it. I’ve been to Sri Lanka and had its tea plantation central there so didn’t feel the urge to go back straight away. If you haven’t seen one, go! 


1-2 days

This city has an airport too so it’s a good place to arrive or leave from. The old town is really nice, has lots of artisan shops and art galleries.



2 dayS


This is the most popular destination in the region. I heard a lot of positive feedback from this place but was quite disappointed, not by the picturesque scenery but by the locals attitude. Everyone is trying to rip you off, literally all the time. When I bus arrived there, a hand came through the wind shield holding a map. Hampi looks a bit like Jurassic park, lots of temples, ruins in a desert and in the middle runs a river. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. I would highly  recommend, not getting a tour guide unless recommended as they lied to us and brought us to completely different temples. You should simply rent a bicycle or a bike and make your way around the ruins. There’s also a great sunset spot you must check out whilst you are there too.


3 dayS

This place is what I can imagine goa used to be like before it became super touristic. It’s the cheapest place I’ve been in India, we stayed in a beach room for £3 a night divided by two!!! Our place was right on the beach too. You can also hike up to paradise beach and stay overnight with some stoners. Although you’ll have to bring all your camping gear (and smoke optional) if you want to stay as apart from a few long haired hippies and fruit vendors the island is deserted. 


3-4 dayS

I really loved this little place in Goa, perhaps because I was with the right crowd or because the sunsets on the beach were magical! It’s Goa so expect lots of tourists and beach bars. The plus side is you can stay for free on the deck chairs if you consume anything, even just a bottle of water . 


It’s a great place if you are looking for a bit of night life action. Although they are really strict on sound so the big party on Saturday is solely ´Silent disco’. There are quieter beaches around you can stay too if you want a quieter place, there will still be very touristy but a bit more chilled.

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