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this stunning national park is a real national treasure.


You can easily access the park from any major town nearby, Santa Marta & Palomino. The buses drop you about an hour trek from the campsites so I would recommend leaving your big bags at your previous hostel and heading down with a day pack. It’s a jungle and gets really hot so you want the least possible stuff to carry. 

There are a few campsites, Cabo San Juan being the main one. You need to leave early in order to book a spot there too. If you stay a few nights you can apply for one of the hammocks on top of the hill which offer stunning views of the beaches.


You can choose to either stay in hammocks or tents. Personally I got used to staying in hammocks in the end as in hot climates they aren’t as hot as tents. 

We stayed at the least busy campsites Bukaru which turned out to be really nice. There was a beautiful beach and a local bakery selling arepas nearby. 

Bring snacks with you as meals can be quite pricy (relatively to Colombia) in the park. 

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