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This place is one of the most unique beautiful places I’ve been too! It’s weird to think there’s an Oasis located only a few hours south of Lima. 

Huacachina is the perfect spot if you are looking for a relaxed sunny break in Peru. 

Surf the sand

The main activity here is Sandboarding and it’s highly entertaining! We stayed at a hostel Banana’s Adventures which is a bit pricier than the other places but includes your activity and breakfast. You need to get there early enough in the day in order to book your activity in the evening. They than take you onto sand buggies, the roller coaster of the desert and you get dropped off on top of a hill with a surfboard, I can’t describe how much fun this is, you just need to go do it! 


Booze Tasting

If you are planning on staying a few days in Hucachina, you can go to a Pisco tasting in the city of ‘Pisco’ located an hour and half north. 

Pisco sours would be our preferred drinks of the trip, the Argentinian’s Fernet being our least favourite :( 

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