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It's a great spot for hikers and coffee lovers. You might have seen pictures of this place before, world famous for the sizes of its palm trees. They are located in the Cocora Valley, which is accessible via tuk-tuk from the main square. They leave every hour, it's recommended to get there early-ish as some of the treks can take up to 8hours. 

STAY... at La Serena hostel for its beautiful views over the coffee plantations or the hippie hostel Yambolombia. We stayed there and had a great time, the staff were very friendly and the breakfast portions were generous. 


EAT... at Brunch, this place is a backpackers favourite, mainly because of it's mouth watering peanut butter brownie! It was a real western treat which might be much needed if you've been traveling for months! 


DAYTIME FUN... go hiking to the Cocora Valley, visit coffee plantations & walk up to the mirador viewpoint for splendid view of the town


NIGHTTIME FUN...try playing Tejo, a rather unusual game involving dynamite, balls and sand pits. This is a local's favourite so it's a great place to make friends with some homies. After this head to the main square and go dance your shoes off at one of the salsa bars, sweat patches guaranteed!

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