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Known for being the food capital of Peru, this little beautiful town is worth the detour. It’s like a quieter version of Cuzco, with less tourists and more local delicacies. 


Head to the local market and try some traditional foods such as: 

  • Rococo Relleno, stuffed roasted red peppers  

  • Chicharron, fried pork belly

  • Ceviche, probably one of the best one I had in Peru was at Arequipa’s market

  • Queso helado, cheese ice cream, as odd as it sounds, it tastes delicious


Once you’ve stuffed your belly with all these good foods, you can get lost in religious culture at the 20,000 square meter Santa Catalina Monastery.

You can also go for a walk and check out the city at Yanahuara view point. 


If you want to end the day and treat yourself to a good meal, go to Zingaro and try the guinea pig!!!


If you fancy a good old hike, go to the Colca Canyon for 1, 2 or 3 days. 

If you opt for a day tour you will just get to see the views of the Canyon, personally not sure if it’s worth it. Maybe it’s a good option if you are short on time but not cash. 

We did the Canyon on two days which was a good practice round before doing the Machu Pichu trek. You spent one day walking down hill to a beautiful Oasis with a pool. The next day you wake up before the sun rises and head up the hill for approximately 3 hours. 

If you do the three days one you just get this split into a longer period of time. You essentially get to spend more time at the Oasis. It’s probably the best value for money option, it just depends how much time you have got to spare! And time is money my friend… 

If you are doing any of the two or three days hike make sure to take: good trekking shoes and socks, a swimsuit, a torch, breathable clothing, warm clothes for the night time as it gets nippy. Also make sure to bring some snacks, our tour didn’t give us any food before heading up the hill on the last day. You can buy snacks there but they are way over priced.

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