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Also known as ‘the Salt flats’, this attraction alone brings all the tourist around to Bolivia. It is an impressive piece of land, a place that makes you think we live in a freakinshingly big beautiful world? 

If you’re intending on doing the tour you can opt for a 1day tour or a 2days/3night. You can start from the Chilean side in San Pedro de Atacama which we did. I personally enjoyed starting from Chile because this meant our last day was spent on the salt flats, the highlight of the trip! If you’re already in Bolivia you can depart from Uyuni and make your way down to Chile. Equally you can add an extra day to your journey and do a round trip from wherever you started. 

The one day excursion can be a good option if you are on a budget but certainly not the most entertainment. 

I loved going for a few days, we saw a red lake, pink flamingoes, slept in a hotel made of salt (give the walls a lick for proof), witnessed beautiful sunrises, cruised in a jeep, had a limbo competition & met a bunch of lunatics whom we ended up traveling with in Bolivia afterwards.  



Bring some warm clothes with you and rain proof clothes just in case too. It gets pretty chilly in the salt flats at night.


Bring some vino, if you plan on having a few on your trip. If you are coming from Chile, bring some regardless, wine is much cheaper and nicer than in Bolivia. 


Bring a ‘jack cable’ for the stereo, if your driver is as nice as ours he’ll let you put up some tunes in the jeep. You do spend a lot of time riding along so it’s definitely worth bringing one of these bad boy cables along with you. 

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