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Snakadaktal - Fall Underneath (Kilter Remix)



July-August 2016


Popayan / San Augustin / Cali / Bogota / Medellin / Guatape / Santa Marta / Minca / Taganga / Tayrona Park / Palomino / Costeno / Burritaca / Cartagena / San Andres / Archipelago San Bernardo / Sapzurro / Capurgana / Abejorral / Salento 


  • DANCING SALSA is Cali 

  • GRAFFITI TOURS is Bogota 

  • NIGHT LIFE is Medellin

  • FOOD is Medellin

  • COLONIAL CITY is Cartagena 

  • SCUBA DIVE & SNORKEL is Capurgana

  • CLEAR BLUE SEAS is Archipelago San Bernardo 

  • SUNSETS Costeno beach

  • CHILIN’ is Santa Marta’s coastal line

  • COFFEE TOURS is Salento

  • HIKING is Antiquia

  • NATIONAL PARK is Tayrona

  • GETTING LOST is La Guajira


Even before stepping foot in Colombia, we had heard so much positive opinions about the place. In the 7 weeks we were there, we were surely not disappointed. 

Go on a Graffiti tour in BOGOTA

July 02, 2016

The capital city isn’t so popular for travellers anymore now that Medellin has become a safe and sound city. Nevertheless Bogota is worth the visit, here a list of things you can do to pass time...

Venture in the beautiful TAYRONA jungle

July 02, 2016

this stunning national park is a real national treasure.


July 04, 2016

This once upon a time extremely dangerous city has now the greatest urban lifestyle Colombia has to offer! 

Check out some giant palm trees in SALENTO

August 06, 2016

This town just north of Cali is the home of all the major coffee plantations in the country and also the tallest palm trees. 

The most amazing places to stay in Colombia...

January 01, 2020

I have to stay some of the best places I’ve stayed at were in Colombia. Here’s a list of the few incongruous places I’ve dreamt in...

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