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How Sad - Indian Summer



September 2012




Take plenty of water, no H20 is provided on site so it’s highly recommended to take as much as you can physically carry. You’ll need it for showers and hydration. A waterpouch suited for backpacks comes handy when you are wondering around the playa. 


Take stuff but not too much STUFF with you. Everything you bring with you, you’ll have to bring back so remember this whilst you are packing! Take only the essentials such as costumes, leopard leggings, funky sunglasses, flinstones oulfits, dungarees, flamenco dresses, gold hot pants... essential stuff right?


Bring some white wine vinegar with you, it will clean the dust off your car, your stuff and most importantly yourself. I know it doesn’t exactly smell like roses, you’ll smell like a giant poached egg but once the dust if off it’s definitely worth it! 


Buy a bike before hand, you can get some nice looking budget cruisers at Wallmart or simply go to the Reno bicycle project which offers cheap refurbished bike from previous burns. People undersestimate how big the festival actually is, without a bike you could be hours away from a cool as chips event! So ride along my friend, ride along! 


Take some lights for you and your ride and by ride I mean your bike of course you perv’. When the sun goes down, the playa goes pitch dark, it’s only illuminated by art cars and other festival goers. It’s essential to have lights with you to get around or you’ll get lost very easily and no one wants to end up in Davy Crocket’s hippy tent... and no I don't want to talk about :{


Bring something to donate with you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something material, you could give away free hugs (creep), or read somebody’s future in the palm of their hands! Alternitavely you can make home made friendship bracelet, macaroni necklaces, badges, paper flowers... etc Yes burning man is literally an adult kindergarden class.  


Don’t be fooled by the desert setting, it gets really chilly on the playa at night so don’t forget to pack those horrendous xmas jumpers too. 


Finally be OPEN to anyone and anything! Burning man is by far the most wonderfully crazy festival I've been too so far, expect to be surprised! 



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