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A lock 

Preferably one with a combination, this way you won’t take the risk of losing the key


Microfibre towels 

Forget about your big comfy towel, it’s too big! Be space wary and leave it at home. The microfibre towels aren’t the nicest but oh my they are the handiest! 


A fanny pack, also known as the bum bag or ‘banana’ in French 

This will save you from being robbed (too easily). Of course you can’t guarantee this but this pouch will help. You can find thin ones to put under your clothes too. 


An extra wallet

To disguise pickpockets, if they rob the extra one (which has no many in it and is placed in a more obvious place) they will let you go... As they won’t get this super smart ruse, muahahaha (aka evil laugh) 


A dry bag

If you know you are going to be near water, maybe investing in a good waterproof is a good idea. You can find some good ones from £16 from Amazon. 


Gadget insurance

If you are bringing some valuable things with you such as phones, cameras and computers it is highly recommended to insure them. It’s devastating enough to get robbed, I promise that knowing you can get your cash back will make the whole experience less traumatic. I recommend ‘protect your bubble’ as they are able to insure products bought from official retailers all over the world and cover you for as long as you are abroad (beware a lot of companies only cover you for 3months abroad. 


Baby oil

Yep, because it’s good to keep your skin moisturised and smelling like a toddler... No baby oil is actually a very efficient mosquito repellent and it smells divine. Well better than that smelly citrus stuff for sure!  


Silk Liner/Sleeping bag

Whether you are traveling in a hot or cold country, it’s always good to have something to cover yourself with. Personally I’m getting a silk liner as they are very compact and light, easy to fit in your bag. You can also get them with mosquito repellent in them, take that flying vampire! 


Swiss knife

This multi-functional knife will come handy on your travels, whether you’ll need it to cut your posh cheese or to chop wood making a shelter. Either way, you’ll be glad to have taken this sharp little guy with you


A copy of your passport

Scan it and send it to yourself by email. In case, again you get robbed or loose your stuff, you always have a copy you can access anywhere! 


A notebook

I know this sounds obvious but a notebook will come handy when all your batteries will have died in the middle of the Amazonian forest. Even if you’re not gonna go to such remote areas, it’s always good to have some analogue back-up! Write down important numbers, key addresses and tips you’ve picked up from other travellers along the way!


Water tablets

Depending on where you’re heading, these water tablets that make your H20 taste like chlorine might save you from getting the sh*ts! Sorry for being so crude but this is a sad reality when you are traveling around the world, water ain’t always good for you! 

A LIST OF THINGS YOU SHOULDn't forget to pack with you 
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