I have to stay some of the most amazing hostels I’ve stayed at were COLOMBIA. Here’s a list of the few incongruous places I’ve dreamt in:

Casa en el agua

This house built in the middle of the Caribbean ocean is a ‘haven’ on earth. 

You can choose to stay in a room or sleep under the stars in a hammock. You’ll wake up to the sound of water and after breakfast is served you can jump in the clear blue water and snorkel around the house. 



It’s best to book a bit in advance as they are usually booked out every night. Hammocks are cheaper than rooms so if you are on a budget opt for this option. 



You can leave from Cartagena or you can decide to take a boat from Tolu. You can arrange your transport directly with the people from the Casa. 



The Casa offers lots of activities, snorkelling, swinging with fluorescent plankton’s, diving, beach days, fishing trips… none of them are free though. You will also have to pay for every meal but you are allowed to bring your own food with you too so I’d recommend bringing a few cereal bars if you want to save some pennies. They have a lobster farm on the house so you can order yours at lunch and have it ready for supper. 

I went for the beach day activity and it was lovely, this is by far the best beaches I’ve encountered in SA so don’t miss the Archipelago San Bernardo. It’s also very serene and the snorkelling is amazing. 



Casa en el aire

This place located in the Antiquoian forest is a hidden gem. It was actually recommended by a fellow traveler otherwise I’m not sure we would have found it. It’s a little house built on the side of mountain one of the walls is actually made of rock. You must go visit one of Colombia’s best kept secret location. 



If you want to book a bed in the small house, a little Spanish is mandatory. You will need to email the owner directly in espanol and reserve your ‘cama’ (bed in Spanish) with him. The house can host up to approximately 6 people so it’s often booked up. You will need to bring all your food with you too, they do sell some wine there.


You can get a bus straight from Medellin, it leaves in the morning so make sure not to miss it or else you’ll have to make multiple changes. 

Once you’ve made your way to the house you’ll have to decide wether you want to zip-line or climb up to the house. That’s the only way you can access it which is brilliantly awesome! 


If you are an avid climber you will love this place even more. There’s plenty of climbs you can sign up for. Otherwise you can go for hikes around the forest (which include a bit of climbing too) or try the pendulum, a chilled version of a bungy jump. Pictures speak louder than words, check images below. 



This hidden hostel close to Burritaca was a pleasant surprise. Run by a Canadian and a Colombian, the hippy couple have managed to create a peaceful place, great for chilling and meeting new people. It was hard to leave the Rancho. 



Don’t use to book as every time I did it claimed the place was sold out. You can book on or email them directly. 

You can book a private shack, a hammock, a bed and even a swinging bed… they all come with individual mosquitoes nets. 


We came from their sister hostel Costeno beach and just got a motorbike taxi there. You can get a car from Santa Marta to Burritca but inevitably you’ll have to get a motorbike to get passed the dirt roads that lead to Rancho. 



Best thing to do here is CHILL, there’s a swamp which you can swim in and a hill you can walk up to. The views from up there are stunning. 

You can also go tubing in the local river. Most people go in Palomino but I’ve heard it’s pretty fun here too and really can you ever get tired of tubing? 

One of my favourite thing about this hostel is the communal meals in the evening, the owners really take the time to cook some delicious feasts. They made their own bacon when we were there (veggie options are available too). After enjoying a family meal with all the guests you can chill at the bar and order some ‘happy brownies’ off the menu! 

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