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Au revoir simone - Sad song (remix)



September 2015




East Side Gallery

This is a must-do when you are in Berlin. Damn it if it’s a touristy spot, you’ll get your best pictures from this place. The gallery is 1.3km long and regroups 105 paintings by artists from all over the world.  It was founded after the reunification and is an expression of FREEDOM.




This hip multi-room night club is a fun place to practice your dancemoves. Only in Berlin you will find a religious confessionnal and a Conchita Wurst look a like DJ on a night out.



Cassipopeia Berlin

The great thing about Berlin is that they aren’t skinned for space, Cassipopeia is a

massive  outdoor, indoor venue with a big courtyard, a nightclub and a skate park. It reminded me of a better version of Christiania ( in Copenhagen.



Cafe ORA

What used to be an old pharmacist has become in 2015 a lovely cafe bar. ORA is a great place to grab lunch or have drinks later on. All the food is delicious and beautifully served in all jars. You also must try the salted carmal tart, food orgasm guaranteed!


Chicago BBQ Williams

If you aren’t a meat lover you should by any means avoid this eatery. This place is literaly a MEAT feast. For thirteen euros fifty enjoy large platters of bbq chicken, ribs, pulled pork accompanied by delicious slides such as deliciously creamy  mac’n cheese.


If you are a coffee lover make sure to swing by this lovely hidden gem! We went there about 3 times in the space of one weekend so get yourself a shot of this sweet caffeine heaven. The home made pastries are delicious as well!





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