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Do not miss a chance to spend, at least one day on this paradise island! 

I can’t speak to highly of this wonderful place, Tobacco Caye is a little 300 square metre island surrounded by the clearest blue waters. 

How to get there


You must reserve a place to stay and they will arrange to pick you up from Dangriga. The pick up times are between 11:30 and 12:30. The boat pick up is about 15minutes walk from the bus station or a $BZ 5 taxi ride from the bus stop to the boat pick up. 



If you are on a budget stay at the Wynward lodge. The place is very basic but it is cheaper so if you are not fuss about staying on the waterfront and you want to save a few bucks, stay here.

Reef End Lodge, this place is a bit up market but if you can, try staying on the houses on the water - they are literary built in the water, you could just jump off your bed straight into the ocean, dreamy :) 


First of all, relax, take a book and enjoy the peace and quiet of a small quit island. 

All accommodations also include activities, you can borrow kayaks and snorkelling gear for free. The snorkelling was the best I’ve done in Belize. We saw some sting rays and plenty of fishes. The starting point for the snorkelling is from the reef end lodge bar. 

Take a walk on the pier and spot some sting and eagle rays.




You can drink at any of the bars on the island although you’ll have to stick with your hotel for food as everything is sold in packages. You can opt for breakfast, lunch and dinner or simply breakfast and dinner instead. 

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