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Don't leave belize without exploring the Caves in San Ignacio and visiting some amazing ruins.



If you are looking for something a bit different I would suggest staying at the farm Lower Dover. It’s twenty minutes out of town but the place in truly unique. They cook ‘family style’ meals as well that are delicious (although beware they’ll add a tax on the price of this at the end). The farm has turkeys and roosters so be prepared to be woken up early too! 


The ATM caves are the main attraction here. Our guide called this the ‘indiana jones’ mixed with ‘the goonies’ experience, and he wasn’t far off! I think it was quite a physical experience where you’ll need to walk, swim and climb your way through these ancient caves. It’s a bit pricy but definitely worth it!  
Price: $BZ 180


These ruins are located 20min out of the city. Make sure to go early-isa to these ruins to avoid the tour buses. We got there at 9am and the place was pretty empty. Can you see too many ruins? Perhaps but these one offer nice 360 degree views of the city. 

Ajaw Mayan chocolate making, take an hour tour and learn how to make chocolate the way the indigenous did. At first taste, it’s very bitter but with a dash of honey everything will be sweet again. 

The iguana reserve 
This reserve oddly located in a high end resort helps rehabilitate iguanas into the wild. There you can observe the reptiles and even hold them in your hands! 




Benny’s, located near the Xunatunich ruins, make sure to stop by before or after the ruins. The food is good and the service is impeccable. 

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