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If you got some time to spare, this peninsula is definitely worth the detour. Unlike Caye caulker there’s a real sand beach here too and more of a local feel! 



Funky Dodo is the main hostel in town. They have dormitory and private rooms on offer. It’s not super cheap but nothing is in Belize so their pricing is still competitive. Their location is ideal as it's only a few minutes from the beach. You can also book some local tours and taxis directly with reception. They even made a bespoke tour book for you to choose activities from, this also includes local take-away restaurants!


Cockscomb jaguar reserve, is a great day excursion. You’ll hike up a valley and on the way encounter two waterfalls you can swim in. Don’t forget to stop by the plane wreck on your way back to. 

Price: $BZ 40 / per person (transport only by taxi) 

Diving, snorkelling and fishing, you can participate in lots of water activities. Although the diving and snorkelling is much more expensive here than in Caye Caulker, about double the price. 




Go to Driftwood for some delicious pizzas. The place also host great events with bands playing pretty much every weekend.

Peer’s restaurant - if you are starving head to this german run hostel for some delicious shrimp pasta (try Peer’s pasta). The food is sumptuous and the service is quick and efficient. 

Gecko's this great little bar has a nice selection of local beers. They also hosts gigs some evenings too. 

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