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Nicest beaches in Cape Town

Discover the best spots in town to work on your tan, practise surfing and cold water dipping skills. Cape Town has many beautiful beaches on offer and you can try them all whilst you are there. Here’s a list of my favourite ones and why…

Clifton Beaches

These are THE most popular beaches in Cape Town. My favourite ones would be Clifton 3rd or 4th. Although second is pretty nice too and in summer you’ll see a hard of volleyball players taking over on Thursday evenings. 


Clifton 3rd often hosts silent disco evenings which are really fun. You’ll get to enjoy a sunset whilst having a boogy on your favourite channel. Typically they have 3 DJs and you can pick and choose which one suits your dance moves best. 


Most of these are well sheltered from the wind and don’t have huge waves neither so they are perfect for a chilled afternoon at the beach and some kayaking too. 


How far? In the hood

Llandudno Beach

It’ll take you about 30min to reach this beach but it’s totally worth it. It’s probably the most beautiful and biggest one in Cape Town. It’s also a great spot to chill for an afternoon and watch sunset too. 


How far? 30min from town

Muizenberg Beach

This is the ultimate surf beach in town. It’s got the best waves and plenty of space so you’re unlikely to bump into fellow surfers neither. During hi-tide the beach side gets very small and packed, especially during the summer weekends. Also beware this is South Africa so shaks might pop down once and again too but don’t worry there’s a shark patrol station and they’ll ring the alarm as soon as they spot one of the carnivorous beasts. 


Whilst you’re down there, enjoy a stroll in the little hippy town as well. There’s a lovely cafes, such as Harvest and even some great little vintage shops too. 


How far from Cape Town? 30min drive.


Located near Camps Bay, this beach is much more low-key then it’s neighbour, this is why I love it! It’s also usually less crowded than the Clifton’s so really offers a tranquille atmosphere right in the centre of the city.

It also seems to be a popular spot for body boarders too if you’re into this! 


How far? In town.

Saunders Rock Beach

This isn’t your typical lie down beach. I’ve added it in the mix as it’s a very popular spot if you’re into cold morning or evening dips. It’s got a few basin you can go in and kickstart your day the right way, in freezing cold waters. It’s also a nice spot to check sunset and the advantage is that’s it’s a few minutes walk away from the popular Mojo Market. Date night is sorted! 


How far? In town. 


Blouberg Beach

This beach is very windy therefore very popular with the windsurfers. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful spot, it’s also got an amazing weird little bar called Pakololo. We stumbled across it on a Sunday eve and had strangely great atmosphere packed with people from all ages and styles. 


How far? 30min drive.


Kraalbai Beach

This sumptuous beach has crystal clear water and white fine sand. It’s one of the most beautiful spot and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Thailand. You will, nevertheless, have to work for it a little bit as it’s about 1.5hours away from town. You could also make a day of it by eating at Die Strandloper restaurant for a 10 course meal on the beach. It’s not a very chilled affair but really worth the detour. 


How far from Cape Town? 1.5hours drive

Pringle bay Beach

This bay was one of the most beautiful thing we got to explore whilst in South Africa. The best thing about it is that there was hardly anyone there. The water is turquoise and freezing too as it is everywhere in this country but definitely worth the dip. 


How far from Cape Town? 1.15/20 drive 

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