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Also known as the laguna of 7 colours for its stunning waters, Bacalar is getting more and more popular each year.



The most popular place to stay in Bacalar if you’re backing is the Yak hostel. It’s location on the waterfront make it an excellent place to start a paddle board, kayaking trip. You can rent these directly with the hostel too. The bar is fairly lively and they usually host events daily, such as bbq, guacamole cooking classes, live music… etc…

If you want to stay somewhere cheaper & quirky I would recommend Kulu Turbo Hostel and literally a little bubble. They are very ergonomic as you'll be able to fit yourself and your backpack for the night. The plus side is that the staff are super friendly & helpful, there's a pool and a lively little bar. Downside is that you are a bit further from the waterfront but they lent you bikes here for free! 


Go Tubing


The Yak Hostel organises tours for guests otherwise you can book something at a local tour operator or simply make your way there by taxi.  

Rent Kayaks

Most of the hotels will either rent kayaks or have deals with local businesses to do so. We got ours from Yak hostel directly. You can cruise along the lagoons with them and also check out the ‘pirate ship. It’s a spot of clear blue waters with a ship 

Rent bikes

It’s super easy and convenient to get around Bacalar on wheels. There’s one main road which will bring you to all the lagoons. Just follow the straight road and hope for no punctures. I got one at the very end of the path and had to walk all the way back. Luckily we managed to get picked up by a lovely Belizean man in a pick up truck. 


Do a sunset tour on the lagoon paddle boarding and don't worry, if you can't stand on the board you can just sit on it too! 




Get a ‘bleeding beetroot’ vegan burger from Mango y Chile.

The place is always packed with people and delicious food to please the palate, even if you’re a carnivore!


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