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February - April 2016


  • Buenos Aires... the capital city offers a range of great restaurants, cafes and night life! 

  • Cordoba... to explore the student nightlife and check out some modern art 

  • Mendoza... for some tasty wine tasting and hikes 

  • Salta, la linda... best to explore the surrounding of this ancient city

  • Ushaiua

  • El Boloson... the hippy town has an unmissable beer festival you must go to in March 

  • Bariloche... one of South American's most popular ski resort

  • El Chalten

  • Perito Morino glacier

Local foods and drinks of Argentina

The country is famous for it’s barbecues. I would recommend trying a steak with some delicious home made chimichurri sauce. 

Empanadas are another local’s favourite. The best ones I had was also the cheapest in Humahaca with quinoa and melted cheese, yum! 

Fernet is a popular drink here, I feel as it’s a bit like Marmite, you hate or you love it. Nevertheless you should try it for the sake of it and only then can you criticise it… or ask for more! 

Dulce de Leche this creamy sugary spread is on every Argentinian breakfast table. I found that every Australian traveler I met became addicted to this sweet delicacy. 

Mate, not to be confused nor pronounced like the Aussie ‘mate’. Mate in Uruguay and Argentina is considered the ‘national infusion’. It’s a hot drink which taste like a bit like a smoky green tea. Everyone here carries around their individual gourd filled with the local delicacy. It comes with a silver straw called ‘Bombilla’. The great thing about mate is always comes with a social setting, you often see a group of people drinking it and passing their gourd around to others. It’s also high in caffeine so beware don’t drink too much of it if you are trying to go to sleep 

Buenos Aires

This is possibly one of my favourites capital cities in South America… possibly even in the world! 



You can choose to stay in the fancy neighbourhood of Palermo which my friend nicknamed ‘the Santa Monica of Argentina’. In this swanky borough, everything is clean, polished and a wee expensive too. It’s one of the richest neighbourhood in the city and most praised by the tourists. 

I decided to stay in San Telmo which is another popular area. It’s a local’s favourite you’ll find lots of graffiti and street art, flea markets and bars.

10 things to do in BA: 

  1. If you are looking for something do on a rainy day or just fancy a bit of culture BA has got lots of museums on offer. Go check out the MALBA for its modern exhibition and atypical architecture.

  2. Make your way to the cemetery in the Recoleta where you can visit one of the greatest national personality, Evita Peron’s tombstone. 

  3. Get lost in the giant sunday market of San Telmo. You will find everything you possibly need here from from hats, bags, clothes, second hand items, house stuff…etc 

  4. Go dancing Tango in one the local bars. Beware this is a very ‘disciplined’ dance. It’s recommended to take a few beginners lessons before venturing to one of these venues as pros aren’t too patient with beginners.

  5. Go out all night and meet some locals. Argentinians are some of the friendliest people in South America so don’t be scared to start a conversation with a stranger. 

  6. Bomba del tiempo: When you are traveling there’s no such thing as Monday blues. Most times, you probably don’t even know what day of the week it is. Don’t miss out on this weekly percussion party at the Konex. 

  7. Treat yourself to an Argentinian steak and don’t forget to order some chimichurri on the side. The city has some of the best steakhouses in the world so don’t miss out on the opportunity to eat some premium cow! Mewwww good! 

  8. Check out some street art. The streets of BA are covered with graffitis so sign up for one of the organised tours or venture alone to find some mural art pieces. It’s free too and most tours work on a tipping system, so you can chip in what you want! 

  9. Take a walk in the colourful neighbourhood of la Candelaria. This little barrio will brighten up your day. Every wall are covered in bright colours. Beware though, it’s a touristy spot located in a pretty rough neighbourhood so keep your belongings close to you. I’m saying this as my friend got robbed there.

  10. Feel at home in Palermo. The swanky neighbourhood was nicknamed ‘the Santa Monica’ of Argentina by my travel buddy. She might just pinned it down, here everything is slick, clean and pristine. You’ll find plenty of hipster cafes, designer shops and gourmet restaurant. 

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