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This colonial town is home to the best eateries in whole of Guatemala. 



We stayed at yellow house and absolutely loved it. The decor is very traditionally Guatemalan with lots of colourful patterns. The staff were very helpful and the beds were so comfortable, felt like heaven! The breakfast is also very abundant and delicious, it’s all veggie and includes sweet and savoury options.

An alternative place to stay which isn’t in town but a short 25min ride from Antigua is the Earth Lodge. There, you can stay in the most incredible tree houses or if you’re on a budget, they also offer some dormitory accommodation too. It’s a great place to start or finish the trip as they offer taxi rides to the airport. You can chill, hike, do yoga and eat delicious home cooked meals!


  • Wander around town and take pictures

  • Buy some nuts from a street vendor

  • Hike the Acatanango volcano

  • Go shopping for guatemalan crafts

  • Get a massage

  • Learn spanish 

  • Do a cooking course

  • Go to Chichicastenango market to buy some local arts and crafts 





café no se - which was once an illegal mezcal bar is now a very popular hangout. Founded by an American who imported illegal mezcals from Mexico to Guatemala.  

Rincon Tipico
This local eatery is a must-do. It’s super cheap and absolutely delicious. You jut have to pick your meat and they’ll add some veggies and salad to go with it. Veggie options are available as well. It’s a great compromise as it’s nearly as cheap as street food but you get to sit down and have a break. The tortillas are made to order and you can see the woman at the entrance cooking them in front of guests! 


Toko Baru
Asian influenced eatery with some tasty plates and great tunes. All this at a very affordable price.


Y Tu Piña También
Cute cafe with some nice coffee and sandwiches although the service was terrible!

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