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Youth Lagoon - Afternoon

Beirut - Scenic World



July 2015 (video above)

& November 2009 (video below)




Amsterdam is a great city to visit in Europe with lots of amazing galleries, cafes and nice restaurants. 


ART stuff...

Rijkmuseum was recently refurbished and reopened. Their collection is very eclectic you can check out some classic paintings along with great photography.

Anne Frank House, if you are planning on visiting the place were Ann and her family were hiding during WW2, I hihgly recommend you book online in advance as queues go a long lond way down the road! 

Van Gogh Museum, I personnaly really enjoyed this must-see exhibition in Amsterdam. Being able to look at the paintings from up close and distinguish each brush stroke made Van Gogh's work even more impressive! 



Just a short train ride away, this dutch town is definitely worth the detour. It's a small city with lots of charm and historical buildings. The Tour de France started their in 2015! They also host a fun fair called Parade, which I believe tours all of Netherland. The difference with a regular fair is that all the attractions are original vintage pieces from the fifties, check out some pictures on the right hand side!  



This savoury meat based snacks are a must have with your drink over there. Best word to describe them: LEKKER! 



This established live events venue is a great place to check out some main acts  but small enough to retain that intimate gig feel. It stays open late and when the live shows are over the place becomes a big dancefloor. Go check your booty in Dutch Paradise :D



Hoxton hotel Amsterdam

The designer hotel opened its doors in July 2015. It’s a lovely piece of to check out, for all the interior design lovers & professionals. If you can’t afford a room there, check the italian & dutch influenced restaurant, Lotti’s.

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