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I’ve travelled alone, a lot which means you end up talking to new people everyday. What should you talk about? These questions might be awfully cliches and obvious, nevertheless some days you’ll be blanking and wishing you had them written down in order to end that bloody awkward silence. 


1 - Where are you from?


2 - Where are you traveling to? Where have you been? 


3 - How did you pay for this trip? 

In other words what is your job? Some people get offended and say they’d rather live in the moment then fall into a 9 to 5 routine. In the end, who cares if you’re working as a printer fixer or at a Mcdonalds, I’m just trying to make conversation here...! 


4 - What’s the last film you saw? 


5 - What music are you into? 


6 - Are you traveling with a partner/wife/travel buddy or is someone patiently waiting for you at home? 


7 - Do you want to share a room (to save money you know (ref. check my 13 ways to spend your cash cash money wisely)


8 - Have you got any sibblings?


9 - What’s your dream destination? 


10 - What’s your best travel experience? 


11 - What’s your best joke? 


12 - If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do? 


13 - Ah and least but not last, the obvious question that is never asked till the very end or sometimes never. You will always be reminded as the guy on the bus with the red bandana...

What’s your name? I find it easier if people make you guess their name, tend to remember it better! 

13 Conversations starters



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